Welcome to my wee corner of the internet! My name is Kristina Rudnitski, and for as long as I can remember, I have been trying out ways to live green.

From a grade 5 project on Greener Cleaners (yes, vinegar is great for almost any job!), to a Master degree in Environmental Chemistry, to transitioning my family to nearly all homemade condiments and personal care products, I’ve researched a ton of options. Some work better than others.

Come on, why don’t you have a poke around and see what might work for you?


My Sewing Story

My first sewing project that I remember is a patchwork quilt that my babysitter, Mme Lefevbre, taught me to sew using a needle (yes, an actual sharp needle, people!), real scissors (yes, sharp fabric scissors!), sitting next to me on her sofa with Passe-Partout playing on TVO in the background. She was a seamstress and …


Kristina Rudnitski

Artist. Advocate. Environmental Scientist. Gardener. Parent. Sewing. DIYer

Rallying cry, “How hard can it be?” followed by, “That’s a great question, let’s research it!”


Thoughts on anything food related touching on:

  • Food choices
  • Grow
  • Harvest
  • Preserve
  • Prepare
  • Share
  • Bake
  • Eat
  • Sources


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